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Monday, February 28, 2011

25th Birthday And A Protective Father

Thought I'd show how my daughter and I celebrated her 25th birthday. The other picture of me is in case some of you macho dudes out there think stupid thoughts.

Some Pictures You Might Remember While You Wait For The New Site

Thought I'd throw some photos on that some of you might have missed. Hope once the new race season warms up a bit that I meet you for the first time, or again, and I can put your picture on the site.

Check Out The 2 New Entries--They Bring Spring And 30 Year Old Pictures

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thought I'd Throw A Little Spring At You After Such A Real Winter

Photos From The U.S. Crossing

---Thought you might like to see the knapsack and tent I carried on my run across the U.S.. Total weight when it was full was about 25 pounds. I carried a change of running clothes, a 2nd pair of running shoes, powdered milk, powdered protein, vitamins, slightly over a half gallon of water, toiletries, note books, and a slightly under 6 pound tent.

---It wasn't so bad except when running up the mountains. Mountains like the Sierra Mt. and the Rocky Mt.. Berthoud Pass in the Rockies at 11,400 ft. was the true test. I wish I had one of the new high tech strollers I keep writing about.

I Have Found Out Recently That Many Of The Photos I Put Into My Blog Fron The Toasted Owl Holloween Race Somehow Vanished

Monday, February 21, 2011

This entry and the next one have some of those lost pictures. I will also put more on soon.

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